Google Advertising

This is Google's paid service to get your search results higher on the list.

Google Advertising is a service offered by Google (Google AdWords) to help businesses display their Ads on various search engines, making it more visible to searchers, this is mainly based on how well the campaign is built and managed of course.

The monetary aspect of this steps in when the customers actually “CLICK” on the Ad, and for this Google charges a small cost per click each time. This means to say that if they don’t click it, you will not be charged, and all the impressions you receive (amount of times your Ad is shown) will be free.

But potentially if you don’t get any clicks, this would mean that your campaign is not effective, and for this we offer –


A thorough analysis of your website or landing page to ensure it’s of good quality and has relevant material, and make adjustments where necessary

Research on industry trends and keywords

A write up of a compelling Ad with relevant calls to action

Tracking, to keep an eye on it’s performance

Optimization of the campaign based on it’s performance and customer trends