Search Engine Optimization

Don’t really know how websites can benefit you and not sure if your’s is effective? Not a problem. We will be happy to draw up a detailed WEBSITE AUDIT, so we can tell you what your user experience is, and what they click on. Furthermore, we can go on to make your site more accessible to a larger audience, and make sure your digital footprint is a memorable one

Let’s go into a bit more simplified detail.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of making your website specify to various search engines, what your company has to offer and why potential clients should pick you over your competitors, every time they type in a related search.

For this, ideally you would love your website to appear on the top of the first page on the search engine, without you having to pay for it, and this is what SEO can help with.


Moreover, there are two types of SEOs


1. On page SEOs

This deals with the technical side of your website, which includes tags, canonical URLs, errors, headings, format, grammar, the right content, speed and many more

2. Off Page SEOs.

Off-page side of optimization is mainly focused on building links and your online reputation based on external websites.


SEO services we offer –


On-page SEO services

Off-page SEO services

Keyword research

Onine competitor analysis

Making sure your website has the right SEO technique implemented in accordance with Google guidelines

Creating content revolving on important keywords related to your business, providing relevant information your customers need

Making sure all your pages are correctly indexed and is presented appropriately

Identifying and correcting page errors

Identifying opportunities, in terms of your website and also services, based on search trends and keyword research

…and much much more.